Environmentally Friendly Junk Disposal & Recycling for the Residents of the West End

West End Recycling Inc.

An Environmental Junk Disposal and Recycling Service

Junk disposal of residential trash or recyclables. For the west end of Vancouver BC. From entire apartments, to lockers, appliances, boxes or just a few items.

No job too small for your local disposal business.


Review our convenient ‘Type Of Service’ in the Pricing table and add that service type to the Quote form on our Quote Services page. No job is too small.


Our handy quote form is easy to choose a preferred date, time and type of service. You can add photos of junk or recycling for a more accurate quote. 

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We will contact you during business hours. West End Recycling, Vancouver BC would love to help with your recycling or junk removal. No job is too small.

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West End Recycling Is a Local Business Perfectly Placed to Provide You Fair Value Pricing.


We have low travel costs, understand Vancouver West End residents, and we are motivated to provide you with the best service at a low price.

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Sustainability, Reclamation, and Reuse is at the core of our business.

We are dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact and maximizing the recycling of materials collected through our services.

Local Business

West End Recycling Inc is owned and operated in the West End of Vancouver BC. Our target clients are West End residents, like you and me.

We understand the neighbourhood, the culture, the beauty and the challenges of living here.