Environmentally Friendly Junk Disposal & Recycling for the Residents of the West End


At West End Recycling, we specialize in catering to the residential neighbourhood of Vancouver's West End.

Do you have junk or recycling that needs to be picked up?

Our range of services includes:

Residential Items:
Recycling, reusing or disposing of residential trash, items or recyclables. From entire apartments, to lockers, appliances, or just a few items or boxes. No job is too small for your local disposal business.

Estate Cleanup for Residents:
Dealing with the disposal of belongings after the passing of a loved one can be overwhelming. Our compassionate team will handle the estate cleanup with care, and efficiency, ensuring a stress-free experience that ensures items are reused, recycled or donated to charity.

west end recycling after appliance recycleBefore Afterwest end recycling before appliance recycle

Appliance Removal for Apartment Managers:
Apartment managers often face the challenge of dealing with regular appliance removal. We offer regular checks of your property and hassle-free appliance removal. We make sure to recycle appliances responsibly, in accordance with the highest environmental regulations.

Our hands free program provides regular checks of your property and removal of appliances from designated areas. Invoices are mailed monthly.