Environmentally Friendly Junk Disposal & Recycling for the Residents of the West End


We work hard to provide economical pricing while ensuring our employees can receive a living wage.

As a local business we live, work and play in your neighbourhood. We want to provide our neighbours the best value that we can. We serve West End, Vancouver BC residence only.

West End Recycling understands the challenging costs associated with living in the West End. Our goal is to recycle your items both responsibly, ethically and economically.

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Apartment Managers:
Ask about joining our Appliance Removal Contract Services – No worries, No scheduling, Just Quick Appliance Removal.

General Pricing Categories

(quotes are approximate - photos will help)
  • Apt / House Cleanout
    starting from
  • Locker Cleanout
    starting from
  • Mattress / Boxspring
    quotes are aproximate
    starting from
    • Foam mattress
    • Futons
    • King size pair - $300
  • Aerosols / Paint / Batteries
    no commercial paints please
    starting from
    • Household paint cans
    • Batteries
    • Aerosols
  • Small Appliances
    price varies on type and size
    starting from
    • Microwaves, toasters etc
    • Blenders, mixers, pots, pans
    • Phones, electrical, small TVs,
    • Scrap metal
  • Appliances - Residential
    price varies on type and size
    starting from
    • Chest freezer (6' max) $150
    • Fridge $100
    • Washer/Dryer $75
    • Larger TVs $50 - $100
  • Appliances - Apt Managers
    appliance removal services
    • Billed monthly
    • Hassle free appliance removal
    • Regular checks of property
  • Other Pricing
    dont see what you need?
    • Flexible scheduling
    • No job too small
    • Upload images for acurate quotes